About Us

Many people do not realize how complex and ever changing the towing industry can be! On the outside, there is a perception of an industry that has the same practices and standards for decades. But when I had the chance to see the industry up close, I realize there was so much more going on. Towing companies put so much effort into making changes every year, ensuring they are delivering a smooth experience to customers. It is what inspired me to create a towing magazine for fellow enthusiasts who want to know more about the industry.

If you are curious about the latest towing news, I encourage you to check out our magazine. We have both print and online editions, while it is also possible to get a PDF that you can print out or use on tablets. With all these options, you will be able to keep up with the latest towing news without a problem. Whenever there is a major story that could impact the industry, we will be there to cover it. Our team of full time and freelance writers has a handle over stories from around Canada regarding towing.

When I first started this magazine, I will admit that I was a little worried about our readership. I was not sure there was enough of a market for towing news in Canada. But I was proven wrong. Our readers are the reason why the magazine is still going today! The support that you have given us is tremendous. And it is the reason why we work so hard to ensure that each edition of our magazine is better than what we did before.

We are always seeking out new features, stories, profiles and sections so that our magazine has a fresh look. And we want to provide you with the latest and most in-depth stories about the towing industry. I hope that you will check out the latest issue of our magazine.