How Towing Companies Use Technology

When looking at the towing industry from the outside, it can be easy to assume that not much technological process has occurred. The basic concept of the service is similar, as a towing vehicle arrives to tow a car or truck when necessary. But there is so much work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure that towing companies are more efficient. Here are some of the ways that towing companies leverage technology.

  1. Employee Time Cards

Did you know that until a couple years ago, employees still had to use physical time cards when they were logging into work at most towing companies? They would have to go to the central location, punch in and then go out to work. And they had to go to the same location when their shift was done.

Now towing companies are able to use a more advanced system through mobile apps. They will simply have the employee clock in through the app. And then it is possible to track the employee throughout their shift, until they clock out and are done for the day.

  1. Real Time GPS for Assigning Jobs

Another way that towing companies have become a lot more efficient is through their use of GPS technology. In the past, towing companies had to rely on approximates when they were assigning jobs to drivers. They would guess at where a driver may be, based on their current or most recent job. Then a driver was assigned to go tow a vehicle.

Now they can track everyone through GPS, whether it is through their vehicles or through the drivers’ phones. And it makes everything a lot simpler. The person in charge of the system can look at the GPS, see who is closest and free, and assign them to go serve the new customer.

  1. Customer Payments

Ever had a frustrating experience trying to pay a towing company? Perhaps they gave you a bill and said you had to visit one of their locations to pay it in the next few days. It is inconvenient, especially if your car just stopped working!

Now everything can be done online. It is possible to get a towing bill online and then pay it using your card. Some towing companies even have card reader hardware that is attached to their vehicles or drivers’ phones. It is possible to swipe the card on the spot and get the payment done.

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