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Trucks & 4X4s

There are numerous accessories specifically for Trucks and 4X4s which add both function and style to these rugged vehicles. Lift kits are discussed in a separate section.

bumperGrill Guards, Bumpers, & Tube Steps - Whether you are looking for tough protection from Mother Nature or simply the look we have the accessory to fit your need and pocket book. Grill Guards come in two basic categories. Medium duty and heavy duty.

  • bumperMedium Duty grill guards are the most popular. They are affordable and attractive. DeeZee is our most popular brand. In addition, we carry several other brands which offer styling variations from Aries, Westin & Smitty Built.
    guardThere are three basic styles:
    - Traditional Grill Guard
    - Bull Bar
    - Prerunner Bars
    All three types of bars are shown here. Most of these are available in black, chrome and stainless.

  • bumperHeavy Duty grill guards usually only come in the traditional style. They are heavy enough to absorb the impact of an animal which makes them popular with the hunting and ranching customers. These guards may be purchased as a stand alone unit or as part of a front end replacement which includes a front bumper which is integrated with the grill guard. Heavy rear bumpers are also available. While we have access to many brands, Tough Country is our largest selling brand. Pictures are provided below.

Steps & Running Boards - While steps and running boards serve the same basic purpose (easier access to the cab) they offer very different styling options.

  • running boardSteps, also known as nerf bars, come in round and oval shapes and in 3”, 4” and 5” diameters. The larger steps have become very popular recently because they offer a wider step making vehicle entry easier. With the popularity of crew cabs becoming family vehicles, the ladies find the wide oval steps easier to use when wearing high heels. These steps come in black, chrome and stainless with several styling options. We have a full display in our show room for you to consider.
  • side stepRunning Boards serve the same function as steps and they provide a wide step that fits snug against the body and runs the length of the doors. There are options to add lighting to the boards so that they are easier to see at night making them safer and more comfortable to use. Running boards can be purchased in a variety of styles and colors including black, stainless, and painted to match.
  • side stepPower Boards are the newest addition to this category. These look like running boards but they fold up under the truck against the frame. When you open the door they automatically deploy outward for your access. These boards have several advantages. 1. They deploy six inches blow where a normal running board would be and therefore make entry into the vehicle more comfortable. This is especially true for lifted vehicles. 2. They retract up against the vehicle frame so they are out of harms way. Many truck owners have experienced the pain of bent steps and running boards when trying to cross over rocks, ditches, or high curbing. 3. These steps are not visible when retracted so that they do not add or subtract from the vehicles styling.

Headache Racks – Headache racks are to protect the truck passengers from objects flying from the truck bed thru the rear window. We carry several brands including Thunderstruck and Go industries. They come in stainless, chrome, black and white. We can have them powder coated to match the truck. There are several options including light bars for off road style flood lights and imbedded turn signal and brake light kits.

Headache rack

toolboxTool Boxes – A must for most contractors, tool boxes come in many sizes and shapes. There are whole catalogs devoted to this category alone. DeeZee is our main brand. They offer boxes in four series: Platinum, Gold, Competitor, and Specialty series. Each series is a different grades of steel and varying styles, dimensions and locking mechanisms. Once you have the website up you can choose which series you wish to view.

Vinyl roll up tonneausBed/Tonneau/Camper Shells Covers – There are several options in this category including: vinyl roll ups, hard roll up, classic fiberglass tonneaus and camper shells.

  • Vinyl roll up tonneaus – are an economical way to provide weather protection and privacy for you truck bed. This young lady is standing next to the Access Tonneau cover. It is vinyl and can be manually rolled up and secured with Velcro tyes. When it rolls out, the top is secured to the truck bed along a Velcro strip. The end of the tonneau fits into a grooved slot and puts tension on the vinyl top to keep it taunt. This is the least expensive solution.
  • Hard roll up tonneausHard roll up tonneaus – We proudly carry Pace Edwards. They offer a metal rolling cover that has a tough outer coating to protect it. It is strong enough to stand on and comes in both manual and electric version. The Jack Rabbit model is our best seller. We have both a display in the show room plus one of our demo trucks has the electric version for you to inspect.

Hard TonneauHard Tonneau - We carry Lear tonneau covers. LEER offers a choice of styling and price in its fiberglass tonneau line - choose the industry-leading 700 series, when you want maximum high-dimension styling - the kind that turns heads in traffic - with a cast metal twist handle, premium 4-bar articulating hinge system and other advanced engineering - or choose our more subtle, mid-priced 500/600 Series, with a lower profile, gently crowned profile and simple, durable, reliable hardware. Either way, you'll get the look and the price you want from LEER.


camper shellsTruck Cap or Camper Shell - No matter what model LEER truck cap you choose, you can have confidence you are getting the leader - in style quality, performance and value! Backed by the world's largest network of Authorized Distributors, from coast to coast in the United States and Canada, your LEER truck cap adds convenience, great looks, and added function to your truck - in fact, there's no other truck accessory that does as much to enhance your truck's value than the LEER truck cap of your choice.
With so many great styles and prices, it can be hard to choose the LEER cap that's right for you to select the right one.

Billet Grills – Billet Grills have become very popular recently. They add a level of style enhancement that cannot be achieved through other means. Below are examples for Dodge, Ford, and Chevy.

billet grill

    bed liners

Bed Liners – There are four basic types of bed liners: drop-in, spray, rug, & mat.

  • For drop-in plastic liners we carry Duraliner by Durakon. Duraliner is the largest selling truck bed liner in America. They are economical and tough enough for almost any application. They can be purchased in over rail or under rail configurations.
  • For spary liners we offer both low pressure and high pressure models depending on your application. We have had many people tell us that our spray in liners are the best in the state.
  • We carry the Bed Rug by Wise. Bed Rug is a fabric based bed liner that is tough, tear resistant and acid resistant. The folks that buy the Bed Rug are either people to carry things that they do not want to scratch like decorators or they folks with show trucks.
  • Bed mats are thick rubber mats that cover just the floor of the bed. They provide scratch protection for the bed and some impact protection. This is you most economical choice for bed protection.

hitchesHitches & Special Tail Gates – We carry several brands of hitches and Curt is our primary brand offering all types of towing equipment and accessories from simple ball mount to the most heavy duty gooseneck and fifth wheel units.

We also carry a number of specialty tail gates for towing like this “V” gate which allows the gooseneck owner to attach his trailer without having to let down the tail gate….or worse forget to put the gate down….crunch!

Air Suspension Upgrades – For folks who are towing heavy loads or who have vehicle with stock suspensions that are too soft for the trailer loads they are carrying, we offer the Air Lift suspension systems. The automatic leveling system is my favorite product in the category and we have it installed on my demo truck. Air Lift uses a sensor to determine when the truck is level. It automatically pumps air in or lets air out of the suspension air bags to level the truck as load is added or removed or as the terrain changes. This is an awesome product that will insure your comfort and protect your truck.

Air Suspension Upgrades



Winches - Ramsey Winches – We believe that Ramsey is simply the best in the business. Choosing the right winch for your needs may seem complex, but it's actually quite simple. Two pieces of information, vehicle weight and line pull, are required to choose the right winch. To calculate your vehicle's Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), start with the vehicle's curb weight and then add the weight of the supplies and equipment you'll typically be carrying. The rated line pull of the winch must be high enough to pull your vehicle's GVW while overcoming resistance encountered when you are stuck or on an incline. Ramsey recommends that you select a winch with a rated line pull at least 12% greater than your GVW. That would suffice for most hunters and ranchers. However, if you are a Rockhopper then you may want to make that 20% to compensate for the extreme inclines. We carry both the Patriot Series and the Badger Series.

Pricing is changing so rapidly these days that we have stopped posting pricing on our web site. Please call the store at 505-888-5811 or come by; we have the largest show room in New Mexico.

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